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Francis & Genni Kleckner

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Welcome to Work In Progress Gardens
A family owned and operated garden located in Southwest Wisconsin.

We never imagined when we bought our first three daylilies and one hosta in 1997 that we would get bitten by the bug. Now here we are official plantaholics. We have many flower beds filled with hundreds of daylilies and hosta along with many sun and shade annuals and perennials. A friend we purchased plants from gave us some daylily seeds. We planted them and they grew. Most of which must have been bee crosses as they all looked very similar. Not so impressive…………….

We learned of the Wisconsin Daylily Society from that same friend and decided to join. One of the first meetings we attended, some of the door prizes consisted of seeds, seed starting mix and a starter tray (thank you John Sheehan). What the heck we tried it. We kept going to the meetings and seeing the awesome daylily presentations by “famous” hybridizers and were impressed with the seedlings of our fellow club members as well. That was it………………..we were hooked!

We had a lot of encouragement from friends in our club. Many club members  took seedling blooms to meetings and activities. One good friend took a liking to one of our seedlings and said gee you could name that one after me! Hence our first introduction “In Jane’s Honor” second introduction “Raspberry Slush” came from those little door prize seeds.

They say you come for the flowers and stay for the people. We agree!!

Visitors are welcome with peak Daylily bloom in mid July

2018 Introductions

Click on the photos for a larger image.


Apricity(Kleckner “18”)

34” tall, 4 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Pale flesh pink petals deepening to coral pink petal edges, yellow to green throat and ruffled petal edge with teeth. Apricity is the warmth of the sun in the winter.

3-4 way branching, 16 buds

Kulpa 10-42 X Wreathed In Teeth

DF $75


Cheery All Over(Kleckner “18”)

34” tall, 5” bloom,, M, Tet, Sev

Pale pink with rose pink eye and edge, gold to green throat.

2-3 way branching, 12 buds

(Tony Lynn Morrison x Wheel Of Time) X Purify My Heart

DF $75


Granny Bloomers

(Kleckner “18”)

42” tall, 6 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Champagne with a brilliant yellow throat radiating out onto the petals and loopy petal edge.

2-4 way branching, 11 buds

Northern Splendor X J T Davis

(Ed Brown x Acapulco Daze) X Bluegrass Music


DF $75


Hey Granny!(Kleckner “18”)

33” tall, 5 ¾” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Cerise pink, white midribs, yellow to green throat, heavily ruffled petal edge.

2-3 way branching, 12 buds

Martha In Chains X Sister Of Praise


DF $75

 Granny's Midnight Confessions


(Kleckner “18”)

38” tall, 4 ¾” blooms M, Tet, Sev

Bing cherry with darker eye and yellow throat.

2-4 way branching, 14 buds

Dakar X Rhubarb Pie


DF $75


My My, Hey Hey

(Kleckner “18”)

42” tall, 4 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Dark creamy peach, vivid auburn eye and edge, yellow to green throat.

3 way branching, 13 buds

(Ed Brown x Acapulco Daze) X Bluegrass Music


DF $75


Samurai Linda(Kleckner “18”)

34” tall, 6 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Burgundy with lighter watermark, yellow throat with white highlights radiating out onto the petal edges, narrow gold and cream edge on petals and sepals.

2-3 way branching, 11 buds

Nantucket Navigator X Spacecoast Dark Obsession


                                                                  DF $75 Limited


Sunshine Of Your Love

(Kleckner “18”)

Sunshine yellow with pink blushed midribs and tightly ruffled petal edges.

2-3 way branching, 12 buds

(Shores Of Time x Princess Diana) X Angelique Fringes


DF $75


The Day Begins

(Kleckner “18”)

36” tall, 5 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Candy pink with lighter watermark, deep yellow to green throat and yellow petal edge.

2-4 way branching, 12 buds

(Rock Solid x Northern Dawn) X Unknown


                                                            DF $75


The Story In Your Eyes

(Kleckner “18”)

42” tall, 6 ½” bloom, M, Tet, Dor

Pale pink with an amaranth eye and double edge of amaranth and cream, yellow throat

2-4 way branching, 15 buds

(Seedling x Duchess Of Verona) X Boundless Beauty


DF $75


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